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9 days in Chicago

So, the apartment is starting to feel more and more like a place that is "mine". Sure, it's filled mostly with hand outs from sister and her beau, but two things. First, they're in arrangements I've chosen, which counts for a lot. Second, it's just DIFFERENT than it was from when I first got here. This sense of real control over the change is quite nice.

So far, sister has taken the bed and the coffee table, and in a sort of trade has given me a couple of small black cushioned things and a couch that stretches out in to a bed. It has freed up so much space. So much!

The search for work continues. Hopefully, I should be meeting up with a lead tomorrow, but that won't stop me from sending out more applications, of course.

I think I'm feeding myself well enough... then again, I should probably buy some daily vitamins and some other things just to be safe. This is my health, we're talking about here!

Watched the football game with Dan a couple of times now. Nice defense, Bears, but come ON! Hold on to the fucking ball, guys!
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Late Breaking News

I've moved to Chicago! How is this late you ask? I did it at the end of last week.

Now I just have to find a job.

I'll try to let you know how that goes.
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Still Biking, FYI

You know what sounds like a good use of my time and money? Buying another RPG book! Sure, it's digital and under ten bucks, but still.

"Don't Rest Your Head"

Chronic insomnia has never been such a weird, terrifying ride! Also, sleep is death. You'd be better off just killing yourself first.

Well, let's see how this plays out...
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Yesterday was good

Got all sorts of stuff done. Biking, obviously. Shipped stuff off to sister, picked laptop up for brother, dropped clothes off to be cleaned for mother, and refilled 15 gallons worth of water. Did some yardwork involving powertools and a ladder. And hey! The Mariners beat the Yankees!
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Should get something to record the distance at some point...

There was biking. Along the trail, around a couple of ways at the park.

Read more of the Genesis Machine. Quite a few chapters have started with the author just dumping information on the reader, and not through any in-story method either. The book is just putting these things out there, and saying that's the way it is. There's supposed to be a certain amount of "show, don't tell" isn't there?

Mowed the front yard and median strip.
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Wave your freak flag high!

Let's see... this weekend, I enjoyed a bus ride up to Bellingham, started playing a Call of Cthulhu scenario the brother had been working on... there were some shenanigans... and Saturday ended with a game of Scrabble and a game of Cranium.

Sunday started off with... breakfast. So much breakfast. Pancakes and coffee and pancakes and bacon and pancakes and juice and pancakes. The afternoon was spent showing support for the Gay Pride Parade, then there was some sushi, dropping brother's laptop off for repairs, and then we parted ways.

So, in summary, I biked up and down the interurban trail from the drive-in to about 164th once, and managed to get up the hill on the way back. Yay for that!
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Don't expect me to post any more frequently, though

Spring cleaning. Tidying up.

Upgrading my OS turns out to have been the snowflake that started an avalanche. I've decided to clean up and clean out a number of things.

My contact lists, for one.

My possessions, for another. Once June rolls around, I'm going to take my books, clothes, books, things, and mostly books, box them up, and haul them over to the Public Storage place. Only reason I'm waiting is the first month is only a dollar, and I want to get the most for my buck.

The fence by the house is a third thing. It is literally falling apart. The fact that it is tucked away and hidden doesn't matter. It needs to be fixed.

My self should be on this list as well. I'm fit enough, but I don't like 'enough' being sufficient. Walking is a good start, especially since there's finally a sidewalk in the neighborhood. I want to relearn how to ride a bike, though. The fact that I can't ride a bike is personally shameful. And I won't be able to, until I do something about it.

Anyway. Don't feel bad if I stopped watching you. Honestly, I stopped watching you about a year ago, and just haven't touched this thing in the meantime to make it official. I just... drifted away...
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A New Start For A New Decade

*blows the dust off this thing*

So, I've spent the last two months working in the caribbean, and then the last week sleeping, drinking and reading. Decompression, it's quite nice.

Anyway, I'm 25 now. I've done a little traveling, seen a couple corners of the world. I've jumped out of a plane, pulled a pit bull off of another dog, gotten blind drunk in Venice (with poor results) and fallen in love with Alaska. However, there's a few things that I've been putting off. Simple, easy to do things that I don't really have an excuse for not doing. With that said, I am going to do three things this year, come hell or highwater.

I will:
-shoot a gun
-get a tattoo
-smoke a cigar

I'm not a smoker. I'm not a hunter. But I want to try these things at least once. And this is the year that I will.

Aside from that, though, I don't have any specific plans.
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Another Book List

Yeah, like I ever talk about myself anymore. On to the books!

E. Hoffmann Price Operation Misfit
You know what, just... just fuck you. You patronizing turk-o-phile, or whatever the hell you are. This book sucked.

Christopher Stasheff The Warlock in Spite of Himself
Oh, dear god. I won't say anything about this book here. I couldn't contain myself, and wrote it all in the book. I don't even want to dwell on how this is just the first in a SERIES. Ugh!

Marc Olden Killer Warrior (Black Samurai #3)
Oh, man. That was mostly what I was expecting.

Charles Willeford The Machine In Ward Eleven
Well, that was bleak and depressing. And not so sci-fi as I was expecting.

Sergei Lukyanenko Twilight Watch
Last Watch
In some ways, I'd say it was a sort of Russian Dresden Files, but I'm sure that doesn't do either series the proper respect.

Nathan Stroud The Amulet of Samarkand (Bartimeaus #1)
Well, that was fun. I need to check out the rest of the series now.

Brandon Sanderson Elantris
Eh, it was okay. Mistborn was better.

Robert Silverberg Tom O'Bedlam
Every time I come across it, the act of forcing people to join the cosmic oneness seems... wrong, some how.

Andre Norton Steel Magic
Picnic silverware saves Avalon!

Holly Lisle Minerva Wakes
I don't care, you're petty wish fulfillment and personal indulgences suck even if you try to use them to save the world. At least, YOUR personal &ct, specifically.

Susan Dexter The Wizard's Shadow
Surprisingly enjoyable!

Robert Wells The Spacejacks
... um? I find it hard to pinpoint a meaning to the story, and I was totally baffled by the female character's sudden willingness to sleep with the inspector, who was pretty much a villain up to that point.

A. Lee Martinez Gil's All Fright Diner
In the Company of Ogres
A Nameless Witch
The Automatic Detective

Damon Knight Rule Golden
Double Meaning
Double meaning is alright, but fuck YOU, Rule Golden. Countless species of carnivores and omnivores snapped to extinction, just because you want to force empathy on us? Holy christ, you are EVIL.

Gould The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy
I still can't believe it. PEARSHAPE. Seriously.

??? Project Superpowers
Well, I DO like revisiting old characters... and that Mister Mask guy seems interesting both in the old and reinvented versions... dunno. Might have to pick up another collection to make a decision.

Yoe Clean Cartoonists' Dirty Drawings
Interesting insights and tidbits.
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Oh, Right. Myself.

I suppose I should mention that my contract finished and I'm back in Washington. That might be worth mentioning.

Let's see, what else... I'm planning on going down to Arizona for a Kingdom of Loathing convention in a couple of weeks. That should be fun.

Don't have another contract lined up just yet, so this is more "unemployed" than it is "vacation"...

I love being able to make my own coffee again. Sleeping in until I'm not tired is also wonderful.

I'm planning on getting new glasses and a new phone. One because it's nice to have a spare, and the other just because I've had the phone for something like five years now. Technology has come quite a ways, you know?